Sleepy Beauty Dion DavisMaybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the humidity. But something about the state produces some of the laziest criminals.

Today’s example is Dion Davis.  Looking all the beach dude with his blond hair and blue eyes, this would-be burglar took a nap with a bag of stolen jewelery beside him, instead of hightailing it out of a home he burgled. What makes this even more amazing true Florida story is that he didn’t wake up when the housekeeper found him or when the deputies arrived.

He didn’t even wake up when the deputies from the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department started taking pictures of the sleepy beauty. Thanks to the deputies we have before and after arrest pictures of Davis.  (They even posted on on the sheriff’s Facebook page.)

Thank you Mr. Davis for helping make Florida the great state that it is!

You can read more about Davis here and here.

Photo: Sarasota Sheriff’s Department