finger lickinIn any relationship you need to have conversations and understandings about the little things: who washes the dishes, who dries, who takes out the trash, who gets the groceries, who cooks, etc.

I never thought the most important thing to discuss in any relationship is: who gets to eat the leftovers!

Unfortunately, Desmond Brownlee and his wife never had this conversation before saying “I Do.”

It seems Brownlee got upset when his wife ate the leftover fried chicken from dinner and, when he tried to cook more chicken for himself, got upset when his wife criticized his cooking technique.

The verbal argument turned violent when Brownlee attacked his wife, striking her several times and trying to choke her. This with his child asleep in the other room.

His wife managed to call 911 and help arrived soon after. Brownlee claims his wife slapped him first, but not sure we should believe a man who gets that upset over leftovers. The cops certainly didn’t believe him and took him to Volusia County jail.

Thankfully his wife is now safe and their child slept through the attack.

You read more here and here.

Hat tip to Anne for letter us know about this finger lickin’ crime.

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