SharkEven though the Discovery channel might want you to think otherwise, the chances of being attacked and killed by a shark are incredibly low. Also, there are no super sharks such as Megalodon or a 35-foor great white out there hunting humans.

It’s. Just. Not. True.

But that doesn’t mean sharks aren’t sharing the same waters with us humans and many times get mighty close. Growing up in Florida my friends and I would go to the end of the pier on Clear Water beach and look out and see the shadows getting very close to some of the swimmers. But we never saw anyone attacked and that didn’t stop us from going swimming ourselves.

So every month or so a new video surfaces from Florida showing a shark getting close to folks in the water, gets a lot of YouTube hits, and leads to a lot of media stories in Florida and around the world about sharks getting too close. But even though an attack in actually rare, the videos are still fun to watch and they help make Florida what it is – over the top.

So here’s this month’s best shark video. Enjoy.

 Shark Photo: Rick Trilsch