Armando Perez, Creep

Armando Perez, Creep

I wonder if there is a study showing the percentage of criminals who get caught just for doing dumb things.

For example, if you are going to be a creep, break the law, and spy on your roommate, you should probably not send the live stream from your peep show to the shared living room television. But that’s just what Armando Perez of Lakeland did.

Perez’s female roommate got the surprise of her life when she turned on her television and found a live feed of her own bedroom being broadcast. She searched her bedroom and found two small cameras , almost invisible to the naked eye. One was disguised as a smoke detector and the other as a cable outlet.

Being smart, she then searched his computer and found videos of herself.

When Perez was confronted with what she found he high tailed it to his parents’ house in Apopka.

Sheriff Grady Judd summed it up best, “This is the kind of guy who is a deviant.”

Perez was charged with 15 charges of video voyeurism.  Read more from ABC 15 and 10 News.

Thanks to That’s My Florida! reader Anne C. for alerting us.