Yes, FloridaLet’s be clear, there is only one state that can have a BuzzFeed headline like this:  “The 101 Most Insane Things That Have Ever Happened In…

You probably only have to read “The 101 Most Insane” to know that “Florida” will be finishing that headline.

I love this state because it’s crazy, strange, weird, bizarre, insane, corrupt, hot, and humid. Okay, I could do a little bit less with the hot and humid.  But without the hot and humid, you wouldn’t have any of the rest.

We know that writers like Carl Hiaasen don’t have to worry about plots sounding too far fetched because the real stories from Florida will always be more outlandish. Any creative type can find inspiration in Florida headlines.

I grew up in Florida and after spending years telling friends of the Florida stories I know I want to have a place to share the bizarre Florida news that I come across. So here it is, join me and learn to love my Florida.


Photo: Rick Trilsch

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